Price list

all Prague

22 €

1 - 4 person

Sedan or Comby

all Prague

30 €

5 - 7 person


all Prague

56 €

8 - 14 person

2x Minibus

Prague airport, main train station, Florenc / Smíchov bus station

FromToPrice / carPrice / bus
Hotel (in city centre)Airport550 CZK (22 €)750 CZK (30 €)
AirportHotel (in city centre)550 CZK (22 €)750 CZK (30 €)
Hotel (in city centre)Main railway station300 CZK (12 €)500 CZK (20 €)
Main railway stationHotel (in city centre)300 CZK (12 €)500 CZK (20 €)
Hotel (in city centre)Florenc bus station300 CZK (12 €)500 CZK (20 €)
Florenc bus stationHotel (in city centre)300 CZK (12 €)500 CZK (20 €)

Services: Car rental with driver

ServiceSedan or combyMinibusPrice unit
Car rental with driver550 CZK (22 €)750 CZK (30 €)1hr
Waiting time fee200 CZK (8 €)250 CZK (10 €)1hr

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Another cities

Prices are approximate exact price you will find in the booking system.

CitySedan 1 - 4 peopleMinibus 5 - 7 peopleDistance
BerlinCZK 6,700CZK 8,400361km
BratislavaCZK 6,500CZK 8,000349km
BrnoCZK 4,100CZK 5,100206km
BudapestCZK 9,750CZK 12,100546km
Český KrumlovCZK 3,950CZK 5,150188km
České BudějoviceCZK 2,800CZK 3,600167 km
DresdenCZK 3,050CZK 3,850155km
FrankfurtCZK 9,400CZK 11,900510km
HarrachovCZK 3200CZK 4350135km
Hluboká nad VltavouCZK 3,150CZK 4,350144km
Janske LazneCZK 4350CZK 4950172km
Hradec KrálovéCZK 2,750CZK 3,450113km
Karlovy VaryCZK 2,450CZK 3,150120km
KarlštejnCZK 1,000CZK 1,50041km
KonopištěCZK 1,460CZK 1,96065km
KrakowCZK 9750CZK 12100530km
Kutná HoraCZK 1,900CZK 2,35070km
Liberec (Ještěd)CZK 2,700CZK 3,400110km 
LinzCZK 4,800CZK 6,000240km
Marianske LazneCZK 3,250CZK 4,100165km
MelnikCZK 1050CZK 1,25048km 
MiloviceCZK 1,400CZK 1,89053km 
Mlada BoleslavCZK 1,850CZK 2,30065km
MunichCZK 6,900CZK 8,900376km
NymburkCZK 1,590CZK 1,99058km
NürnbergCZK 5,500CZK 7,000295km
Olomouc CZK 5,800CZK 7,300280km
OstravaCZK 7,050CZK 8,850394km
PardubiceCZK 2,750CZK 3,450 120km
PassauCZK 4250CZk 5250240km
Pilsen (Plzeň) CZK 1,900 CZK 2,400  87km
Pec pod SnezkouCZK 3450CZK 4500180km
 RakovnikCZK 1,490CZK 1,89060km
Rokytnice nad JizerouCZK 3200CZK 4350135km
SalzburgCZK 8100CZK 9900389km
Spindleruv MlynCZK 3,350CZK 4,250171km
TerezinCZK 1,900CZK 2,40068km
TrebonCZK 3,350CZK 4,350141km
ViennaCZK 6,300CZK 7,600352km
WarsawCZK 13,100CZK 16,600699km
WroclawCZK 5,900CZK 7,400309km
Zurich CZK 12,900CZK 16,400690km
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Transportation Time

Travel time from Prague Airport to the City Centre takes on average 20 to 30 minutes. If you travel at rush hour (in the morning between 7.30am and 9.30am or afternoon from 4pm till 6.30pm) or your destination is outside the City Centre of Prague, it can take 40 to 45 minutes.

How Does the Booking System Work?

Once you have completed this booking form, you will receive an instant order confirmation by email within 2 minutes. After you complete the booking, you have the option to pay the reservation online. You can pay in cash or by card directly to the driver on the day of transport.

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