Frequently Asked Questions

What car come for me?

We provide different types of vehicles depending on the number of passengers. Passenger cars 4 persons 7 persons minivan or minibus for 25 persons. Of course we will provide more vehicles of the same type to ensure maximum comfort for you.

The driver speak English?

All our drivers speak English. We are happy to tell you something about Prague and answer your questions



I'll have space for luggage?

Each passenger is allowed to have one large suitcase and one small carry-on luggage. Of course there is a driver that will help with loading and unloading luggage.

I can now book a trip and later add a stop?

Yes, it is okay but the driver will be charged an additional charge of CZK 100 for each stop added.


I ask the driver to confirm the date and details?

Your driver will meet you at the agreed time and place. If necessary, you will be contacted in advance. After a few days prior to departure you will receive reminders with the name and telephone number of the driver in case you need to contact him.

What is included? Are there additional fees?

Bid is final and no additional costs will be incurred, unless it is added to the next stop in the car. We assure you that service PHCars shall not bear any surprises or any other charges.

Where a driver pick us?

Taxi PHCars company offers services such as door-to-door! Your driver can pick you up at your hotel, apartment or other place designated by you. This also applies to the point of exit.


What is your policy for cancellation of transfer?

If you need to cancel or reroute their transfer for any reason, simply call us or send us an e-mail. We understand that anything can happen. However, you have to drive 12 hours to cancel your reserved time. If you do not, we have to charge a cancellation fee of price transfers.

When I found the transfer destination, you bring me there?

In the event that the requested route is not listed on our website, please contact us via e-mail. We will prepare an individual offer for transportation.


Our drivers are qualified and safe car?

Always check our driver after the crime. Each driver is trained and vehicles are checked for safety, comfort and reliability. All vehicles are younger than 5 years and are in excellent condition.

Vehicles are smoking?

Yes, all our vehicles are non-smoking.

How does the booking and payment?

Simply choose your transfer, fill out the necessary information on our site to select a method of payment. It’s simple, easy and fun. We are paid directly to the driver by credit card or cash.

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